About Us

We Create Problems, founded in 2016, has quickly developed into one of the fastest growing companies in the assessment space in India. We are based in Bangalore. With major players in the assessment industry and corporates as our clients, we assist our customers to design and develop cost effective and high-quality questions for hiring and learning assessments.

Questions designed by us are used by our corporate customers to hire more productive employees. Training and development companies power their courses with our questions packages. e-Learning sites attract learners by giving them our challenging questions.

We believe that solving questions interactively brings in more competence than lectures. Not only do we create questions but also design a learning path with them. If you see a new kind of assessment in the market, it is most likely manufactured at WeCP.

Our mission is to leverage technology and collective-intelligence to assess skill and talent in the best way possible. We envision to be the world's No. 1 source of best quality assessment problems.

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