Skill Assessment
Fullstack Developer Challenge (Experienced)
Skills Covered: Logic/Numerical Ability,Fullstack - Rest Principles,Fullstack - Understanding of caching,Fullstack - RESTFul Requests understanding,Fullstack - Load balancing and shared caching
Question Types: MCQs,code

The goal of this test is to help you find exceptional candidates for Full Stack Developer (Experienced) position. This test measures the most fundamental qualities that a skilled and productive candidate at Full Stack Developer (Experienced) position possesses.

The test further gets into specifics of assessing if the candidate

  1. Knowledgeable in UI/UX Design Principles and HTML/CSS/Javascript
  2. Knowledgeable in Design pattern and Architecture
  3. Fast and reliable code debugging and optimization
  4. Fast and reliable while integrating multiple systems and building a robust pipeline
  5. Fast and reliable code debugging and optimization

In this test, we measure the candidate’s knowledge, thinking ability and hands-on proficiency on relevant skills and report to you their performance and productivity on them.